The donor will earn badges when they reach the amount of total blood donation in a count. All earned badges will display on donor profile.


Badges based on blood donation count

Life jacket

Total Donation: 1

Life saver

Total Donation: 3

Life support

Total Donation: 5

Life boat

Total Donation: 10


Total Donation: 20


Community Badges

To communicate our donor and blood finder we will need volunteers, right now we have two type volunteer access on

  • Volunteer lead
  • Volunteer

Volunteer lead will have access to see phone number of any donor from profile page. so they can communicate donor via phone call when need. from each location we will select a volunteer lead where the several volunteer will work under volunteer lead. volunteer lead will manage all activities from their location. volunteer are requested to follow volunteer lead instruction.

volunteer are most active person on, they will actively help people around them who are looking for blood in their area or location. volunteer help people understand about and how does it work. the volunteer is also responsible for collecting new blood donor from their locations. the volunteer can send request to donor for update profile for missing information.