Q: Who will see my phone number?

Ans: No one will able to see your phone number until you request for blood to someone or you allow it by various option to available for volunteer or volunteer lead and public. phone number on send through request mail to the donor for contact so that they can response you quickly when need.


Q: Who can see my profile?

Ans: Everyone will able to access your profile, even non-logged user also able to see your profile. we make user profile public.


Q: Who can see my address?

Ans: Everyone will able to see your location, country, city, address. please make sure if you are not interested share your address you better not fill these field.


Q: What’s the badges?

Ans: Badges are special notation of achieved milestone for some action. like when you donate 1’st blood you will earn “Life Jacket” badges on your profile.


Q: What is the benefit of badges?

Ans: Well the more badges you earn your profile get more valued to our community and we give access to our volunteer team to manage more important things.


Q: I have already donated somewhere else, how do i get to record on bloodhive.org

Ans: Well, its very simple if you want to record your blood donation history on bloodhive.org, simply ask other people to join and send you to request, in general you can accept their request and they can mark as received. so your donation history will be added.


Q: I haven’t registered this site for donate blood but still showing my phone number, why?

Ans: We found your blood donation activity on others blood bank, we usually do manually listing for blood donor to enrich our donor list. if you want to access on profile associated your phone number please send us request we will be happy to handover you, so you can control the account activity.


Q: I have sent request by mistakes, how can i undo or remove the request.

Ans: No worries, please go your profile page and under the section “My Blood Request” find the request you sent by mistakes and select the option “Decline” so blood donor will know you no longer need the blood.

Undo blood request