How it works ?

What is ? is works for connecting blood donor worldwide, anyone can register and listing them as blood donor. so people who need blood donor in their location can find them by searching.


What is “Request” ?

Request” (button) is simply an application/appeal to blood donor from people who need urgent blood. by “Requesting” a blood donor will received an email from by using applicant email address so blood donor can contact via email and reply as soon as they read the mail, mail also attached applicant phone number if they already fill the “Phone number” field on profile area.


What should i do when someone “Request” me ?

Well, if you are available to donate blood right now, please reply the email or contact phone number you see on email. people who request for blood may need urgent for their patient. so you may contact them otherwise you can cancel the request from your profile so applicant will know you are not able to donate right now.


How do i stop getting “Request” ?

If you are not able to donate blood right now or a period, you can stop sending request by set “Is available > No” on profile edit page. so “Request” button will turn “Unavailable” in your profile and listing page, people will not able to send “Request” to you anymore.


My profile not showing on list ?

You will need to set “List as donor > Yes” to your profile edit page.


How do i get verified after donate blood ?

If you have donated blood to someone request you can get verified from applicant, applicant can marked their request as “Received


How many request can i send ?

Well, you can send request as many as user but one request per day to each user. you will have to wait next day to send request same user.


What is request id ?

Request id is unique identifier for each request, there is two part on each id, first part id public and second part id private, private id only access by requested user to verify the email they received are sent by bloodhive,org
Request mail will attached Request ID , you can verify attached request id with id display on your profile.

If the request id doesn’t match then the email you received probably not sent through or phishing purpose. please avoid clicking any link on that mail or calling phone. do not contact phone number or do not reply the mail.